mercoledì, Ottobre 21, 2020

Celebrate Halloween inside Rome’s prestigious Cappella Orsini (“LUCIFERO’S CHAPEL”)

Enjoy an EXQUISITELY scrumptious evening in the rousing atmosphere of an Italian Renaissance studio located in a magnificent old (deconsecrated) chapel in the heart of ancient Rome, surrounded by plush treasures from the past blended with modern comfort, in an exclusive, historical setting. Chronicled coincidences and mysterious heresay surrounding the chapel since Roman times continue to intrigue and spark speculation through the centuries about its deconsecration. Surely an appealing conversation for warming-up our frightful guests and setting the mood!

Built in medieval times on the ruins of the famous theatre of Pompeo where Julius Caesar was murdered (near Campo de’ Fiori and Piazza Navona), this baroque church, Cappella Orsini, is now host to Rome’s first school of fine arts, Accademia del Superfluo. Cappella Orsini is so named because it was once the private chapel of the noble Orsini family. Presently the ornately decorated chapel rooms are overseen by Maestro Roberto Lucifero, acclaimed Interior Decorator and designer, who founded the school and cultural centre in 1986.

Don’t miss this most convivial of evenings, tricks & treats. At your disposal: theatrical makeup artist will create a special effect for you (a little spider on your cheekbone?, drip of blood down your neck?), whiteglove service throughout the evening, handsomely catered buffet, flowing spirits (as well as wine bar/cocktails), ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW backdrop screening, and live music/entertainment await you…. all of which are supernaturally a pre-requisite for any proper ghostly gathering.

The Evening’s Menu

(made exclusively in Lucifer’s Private Kitchen using Fresh, Local ingredients)

Welcome Drink & Amuse-Bouche on first floor

Served-Buffet to follow upstairs in Lucifer’s Chapel:

Black Venere Rice with Curried Chicken and Cashews,

White Lasagne with Mushrooms, Prosciutto, & Peas,

Pasta with Pumpkin and Gorgonzola,

Eggplant Caponata,

Autumn Salad with Apple, Pomegranite and Seeds,

Pumpkin Pie

Custard with Persimmon Sauce or Mixed Berries

3 prizes for Best Costumes….offered by Cappella Orsini Academy of Fine Arts (Workshop: Realizing False Marble!)

Accademia del Superfluo – School of Art & Design since 1986 (Campo de’ Fiori/Largo Argentina) offers Painting Classes and Professional Courses of Decorative Arts and Design (for english speakers!) in the CAPPELLA ORSINI

Art Studio, supporting their students in exhibits, internships, and experimentation between tradition and innovation followed

by the CAPPELLA ORSINI Cultural Center.

PAINTING CLASSES: Watercolor, Oil, Charcoal, Pastels, etc. – Painting “en plein air” – Design &Technique – Recreating the Masters, etc.

PROFESSIONAL COURSES: Special Effects (sponging, patina, veiling, glaze finishes) – Stenciling – Fake Marbles – Silhouette – Trompe L’Oeil – Decorative Painting and Gold Leaf for Objects and Furniture – Mural Restoration – Scenography for Cinema, TV and Theatre – etc.

The Accademia del Superfluo Art Studio (Orsini Chapel) is an ancient Baroque church from medieval years restored to secular use during the Italian Renaissance, and a very unique space in Rome for artists. Its ideal location and ornately decorated rooms also make it attractive for exhibits and cultural events.

For any questions contact Anna (she speaks english perfectly). Email; Tel. 06 687 7965

Another exclusive event collaboration by Pop Up Rome & American Exchange Rome….don’t miss it!

Tickets are limited, and on first-come basis!

Are you three or more? There is a 10% discount for you.

Book your ticket before Oct. 23th

Via e numero civico: Via di Grotta Pinta, 21



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